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I am not going to let you lock me away in the mansion while you abandon everyone to hide in Antarctica.""You know my duties; I could not involve myself in that conflict, the Sorcerer Supreme must not affect the evolution of the Superhumans.""At look where we are now; Cap is dead, Stark and his team hunt down your friends who are hiding in fear and have their backs against the wall.""Enough Harrison, you will be staying here until the end of the tournament, or would you rather lose your magic?"Harry looked at his father, the realization dawning on his face of what was happening. There is a reason the Skrulls are here, find out why."Dr.All that mattered was this Skrull had snuck into Hogwarts and he was going to find out why.The cage constricted tighter and the Skrull screeched in pain.His father was going to blackmail him into staying at Hogwarts. Strange looked towards the ceiling before continuing, "Harry, this wasn't the life I wanted for you."You could easily break the contract…""Yes I could." Stated Dr. When we first met you were just a child, letting your powers run free. It motivates me to write longer chapter, and interesting stuff.As for Ginny, The Weasleys or any other females, I don't really like bashing unless it's well written, and I don't think I am one of those writers.

The "New Avengers" had discovered that the Skrulls had infiltrated the Superhero community, but he had never imagined that they would discover the Wizarding World, or even care to infiltrate this backwards society.

"Who knows how long this bastard has been here, in a school full of children, with Susie!

I'll make him talk and tell us all about their plans."Harry moved towards the Skrull, fully intent on ripping the information from it, but the green shape-shifter had other ideas.

The castle itself shook as everyone in the school who was awake felt a small tremor but passed it off.

The door to the antechamber flew open as smoke and then the occupants all flew out coughing, their clothing singed, but none worse for the ware.

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