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No, but you have more of a chance of gaining a stalker or catfish, possibly bisexual too, if that helps?The concept of the #Bi Twitter hashtag was apparently lost on most folks.

EMERGE is a multi-platform project run by the graduating Media Studies class at the University of Guelph-Humber.What else would you expect from a 3-time winner of @midnight's "Hashtag Wars"?Check out the top dating problems Twitter came up with for The Dark Knight.Buzzfeed called the hashtag a “beautiful” thing, but then again, they would call the most hideous looking creature beautiful if it swung even remotely to the left or was a Hillary Clinton supporter. How could people be so horrible to those poor bisexual people? afterellen It’s strange that bi-phobia actually exists, the assumption by many is that being “bisexual” is generally seen as “cool” and acceptable.Not too gay, not too straight, just that little safe haven in the middle of both.

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