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The Short Version: Based in Vancouver, Anna Maria Jorgensen, aka the Wingmam, has a talent for inspiring confidence in daters seeking to change their love lives for the better.

Her personalized counseling helps shy, inexperienced, and uncertain singles understand how to attract the right person and date successfully.

She began by writing love advice online and then transitioned to rewriting dating profiles for men.

Today, she has a full-blown personalized coaching service for singles seeking love.

Anna told us, as a matchmaker, she uses a lot of the people skills she learned as a real estate agent. A lot of it is understanding what people want versus what they think they want,” she explained.

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Wake UP2Luv, aka Get a Girlfriend Guaranteed, is a comprehensive coaching program that guides men to become the best version of themselves and take specific actions to attract a compatible date.Whether you’re searching for a dream home or a long-term partnership, having that objective eye to assess what actually fits your needs can be very helpful to anyone on the market. You need to have some skill in the persuasion department to help people arrive at decisions that benefit them,” Anna noted.“Once they agree to the change, it’s easier to get the person to take the action that’s best for them in the real world.” Anna’s approach to dating coaching is all-encompassing.“My foundational courses are about understanding the opposite sex and becoming more attractive,” she said. I give daters the tools to do it on their own.” Over 20 years ago, Anna began her career as a real estate agent in Vancouver.She took a personal interest in helping her clients and often offered advice on a variety of subjects, not just where to live.

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