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Shop around: If you speak with only one company or with different companies that offer the same approach to getting you out of debt, you might just get sold the wrong solution for your debt needs.Be cautious: Check out any firm before you hire them.For example, let's say you take out a consolidation loan.

has all the details you need to consolidate your bills and keep your financial balls from crashing to the ground.

Then, while you're making monthly payments on the loan, you start to use those zero-balance credit cards again to charge new purchases. A new loan to consolidate credit card debt you just accumulated may not be possible, because the more debt you have has a negative impact on your credit rating.

You're not digging your way out of the financial hole – you're digging yourself in deeper.

But continuing to borrow money to pay off your bills makes debt and bill consolidation more difficult and is like placing a small bandage on a growing woun.

Generally, the more money you borrow, the more you spend, and the more debt you pile up.

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