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Now, she turns away clients in their late 30s and early 40s.

"Men, in general, are visual, but Hong Kong men have an even higher standard for beauty.

The founder of dating service Hong Kong Matchmakers, which gives no-nonsense advice to clients - all of whom are female - seems to imply that Hong Kong women are all self-obsessed snobs.

"Hong Kong women should shut up and not complain so much," she says.

"Most of them have been in the workforce for more than 10 to 20 years in executive roles, and they have a business style.

They are often demanding and have high expectations of themselves and others, including their soul mate.

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She has followed it up with The Man Manual: A Guide to Understanding Men, which was launched last week at the Hong Kong Book Fair. She believes women aren't in a position to make many demands when the gender ratio is so skewed towards men.Their achievements are a deterrent, because men want a good wife.If you can't cook and clean, he might as well marry a domestic helper." But Lim plays down the prerequisite for domestic skills, saying most modern women don't cook.Lim agrees, although she says many of her clients feel that men should like them just the way they are. We always tell our clients to put the best version of themselves forward. But it helps if they indulge in their femininity, though not to the point of looking too sexy."If someone wears trousers all the time, we may suggest they wear an A-line skirt, or wear some make-up if they don't normally.

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