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My clitty, well I guess I should call it Marsha's clitty, has been locked away in my modified Reinhold belt. I stand there in the middle of the room, completely naked except for my belt."Can I touch it? Another thing we agreed to was that my ownership marks would always be on his body somewhere. This was once called a loving chair, but it now has been modified into a bondage/training device.

It is the property of Marsha, and Marsha tells it what to do. The high seat, and adjustable back allows Mistress any number of positions in which to be served.

This way she could use two channels, with four contacts on my body. She used the electronics to get and keep me right on the edge of a cum, but totally denied while I had to serve her pleasure."So, who wants to go first?

She plugged everything into the box, and made the settings. She knew this one created an incredible urgency in me. "In the corner of my eye I could see one of the ladies pulling her skirt off and then stepping out of her panties. Too bad it'll never be used again, one of the ladies sighs. After all, when the training is complete itll be a useless appendage.

Marsha came in, wiped my face and gave me a few sips of water. A few minutes had passed as I knelt there in chains, my cock still throbbing away, my excitment at a fever pitch. Every once in a while she rubs cunt all over my face. Have you ever seen a dog drool while looking at a steak it cant have? Sometimes, she pulls out the butt ball, and the jack, then unlocks me, then leads me over to the kneeling table. "That's better, clean as a whistle.""Someone is holding a video camera and I feel totally embarrassed and incredibly horny. Or I'm in a doggy-style position and my cock is pointing at my face.

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She did not allow me to ejaculate without her permission, and put me on a strict schedule which she broadcast to her family and her girlfriends.I was instructed to use the biggest black butt plug I have and slowly work my ass with it. We havent had to do any of that for a while now, have we, slave? During formal training, we use the Eros big box, the 312B. John, move over so the ladies can touch Marsha says.I was only allowed to come if I took the whole plug (a feat I have only managed a few times). Just as with Pavlovs dogs, I can condition him to take sexual pleasure from almost anything. We combine old fashioned discipline with web based technology. If he gets five As in a row he gets to throw the dice an extra time that week, and gets to choose which score he wants. It has more programs, 16 to be exact, more power, two separate channels, and more control over the intensity levels. Their cool hands stroke my belt and inner thighs and have me gasping and shuddering.The spandex Batman hood, the one with the built in blindfold, was pulled down over my eyes. I felt a deep yearning in my encased loins, the electronic stimulatings adding to it and taking me to a state of sexual hysteria. She bucked and moaned, cursed and screamed, until she finally exploded in climax on my now exhausted tongue. I hear footsteps coming and my heart really started to pick up. I get all juicy thinking about using this clitty as a single bondage point.I then felt someone get on the seat, and little feminine feet sliding down past my head, soft thighs gripping my cheeks, I felt her wiggling down to place her cunt right in my face."Now eat that pussy! I am panting, my whole body,every cell, wanting, needing to taste her. I licked and sucked and devoured her delicious pussy, imagining what it looked like. The next ten minutes or so were thoroughly embarrassing. Then Marsha cuffs my wrists to my ankles, gags me, and put her vibrators in between my cheeks. When you're eating, I will padlock it to the bottom of the chair, or when Im punishing you I will lock it to a staple in the wall, or floor...

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