Hotrod dating

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Rod ends up giving up all the money he has raised so far to the projectionist to cover the damages and avoid arrest.

As Kevin accepts his apology, he also reveals that Rod's stunt footage has gotten popular through the Internet, and a local AM radio station hosted by Barry Pasternak offers to cover the expenses of the jump.

After an ill-fated jump attempt at the public pool, he returns home to find out that Frank is in urgent need of a heart transplant that the family's health insurance will not cover.

Angered at the thought of his stepfather dying without getting a chance to gain his respect and beat him in a fight at least once, Rod tells his childhood friends Rico, Dave, and his half-brother Kevin that he plans to do a jump over the length of fifteen school buses, and give the proceeds to his stepfather's surgery.

Humiliated, Rod quits the crew and ends his dream to beat up Frank, despite his friends' interventions.

However, he takes up the jump again when Dave asks Rod to take him to the hospital due to an injury while "trippin' balls" under the influence of acid given to him by his friend Derek.

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