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Also tried a manual telnet on port 7272, but no go... They just contain text saying where on my filesystem my public keys are being read from. ) it would look something like this Offering public key: /home/john/.ssh/id_rsa Offering public key: /home/john/.ssh/id_dsa Naturally the T-box doesnt want john's public key – it wants one (probably) from Telstra/Bigpond but possibly Netgem. Luke Edit: Look its already malfunctioning see: /forum-replies.cfm? do you think this will be conducive to modifying it?

However even having the right public key encrypted with the right technique (rsa, dsa, other) may not be enough to get in via ssh. If this thing can load XBMC it will be the greatest home entertainment gadget of all time!

Anyone pulled the disk out yet and connected it up to another machine to see what is on it?

If it is a netgem box I will be steering clear of it.

@Moon_Man s site would be great, not sure how to trap packets i have no linux background. with re to my previous post about using T-Box with no Big Pond account.. I have managed a Big Pond IP address with a Telstra pre-paid wireless broadband service.. With regards to un metered BP contents from your Telstra Prepaid, I am running some tests.

I am after enabling the samba server client so you can browse and play movies located on the local net.

About that unidentified port with the 4 pieces of wire. If it's around 3.3V it should be the serial console.

If it's the serial console, we could get some serious hacking out of that :).

I have a full linux gateway and can trap any kind of traffic you like. I am linux knowledgeable but haven't done this before. I'm also thinking about starting a site for tbox modifying? With those random re-booting problems and 'oooops I can't talk to the remote' error massages experienced by many of T-box users, I am sure another firmware update is just around the corner.

We should be able to setup a proxy somewhere in it? Last update was 10th Aug (me think ..) I've been running my T-Box from behind a transparent proxy for about a week and my proxy logs reveal a fair bit.

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