I want to stop accommodating him

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But the Kid was never permitted to halt his career.

His enemies were determined to have his life and would not stop until they had taken it.

Watching them work under these conditions and to service 85 individual clients and 33 food outlets without issue was truly amazing.

I could not be stronger in a recommendation.""Spectrum is One Stop for all our event needs..tables and chairs to food and entertainment it is taken care of in a timely manner. My customers were blown away by the food, the bungalow and service.

Some may think, Why should I believe what they say about the Kid, theyre his friends? But I say, why believe what his detractors say about him? So its up to you whose comments you will believe, but notice that all the testimony to follow is consistent with each other. (Childhood friend from Silver City) We were just boys together.

I never remember Billy doing anything out of the way, anymore than the rest of us. He would scarcely have his dishes washed, until he would be sprawled out somewhere reading a book.

It was the same down at the butcher shop, if he was helping around there. Finally, he took to reading the Police Gazette and dime novels.

Louis Abraham- (Another childhood friend from Silver City) The story of Billy the Kid killing a blacksmith in Silver City is false.

I felt like I knew what to do every step of the way.""In 20 years, I have not seen anything like what we just went through with the weather.

When Billy was killed in 1881 by Pat Garrett, I was in Rio Arriba County.

Though I heard the news with sorrow, it was by no means a surprise.

If he had only waited until they let him out he would have been all right, but he was scared and ran away. Smith- (Ranch foreman -shortly before the Kid killed Windy Cahill at Camp Grant) He said he was seventeen, though he didnt look to be fourteen. He hadnt worked very long until he wanted his money. Frank Coe- (A Regulator and close friend) The Kid stayed with me at my home for most of one winter, during which time we became staunch friends. Though he was serious in emergencies, his humor was often apparent even in such situations.

He got in with a band of rustlers at Apache Tejo in the part of the county where he was made a hardened character. Billy stood with us to the end, brave and reliable, one of the best soldiers we had.

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