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It is possible, however, that many of these beliefs and practice are gaining less importance among Ilocanos of today.

Click on any of these topics: Pregnancy and Childbirth, Infancy, Adolescence, Courtship, Marriage, Death and Burial She sits on a mat and never on the bare floor, to avoid having gas pains.

If she is fond on reading music books, her child is likely to become a musician.

Likewise, the newborn is likely to become an accountant or a businessman if the conceiving woman has a liking for books on mathematics.

These beliefs and practices developed and nurtured by his ancestors, guide him in going through the different stages of life.She always has grains of salt with her whenever she leaves the house to ward off evil spirits who may take away her unborn child.She does not go outside the house at night with her hair down lest she have a snake delivered along with her baby.The child is said to become closer to the parent whose clothes he was wrapped with.The newborn child is also made to use old clothes so that when he grows he will not be fond of wearing new clothes which depicts extravagance.

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