Intimidating behavior

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In October, the FA concluded its own investigation into Sampson's conduct while he was coaching the team and found that he had directed racially discriminating remarks at two of his players.

If you dread going to work, you may have a bully coworker or boss.

If your employer won’t help you, and a recent study says they often won’t, even if it's just because they don't know what to do either, these are the actions to take to defeat the bully.

According to UEFA, the FA claimed that "the build-up to the game had been particularly stressful with travel to the stadium disrupted and preparation time considerably reduced."But UEFA's disciplinary body concluded that Sampson's conduct was of "great concern" as he "threatened the integrity" of an official."The language he used and his attitude grossly violated the basic rules of decent conduct and his behavior was insulting," UEFA said.

The seven-person panel was headed by Partl Thomas of Austria."It is without hesitation a cause of sorrow that persons deployed at matches who have no relation to the football performance of the teams are attacked in such an aggressive manner by team's officials," the panel said.

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