Is martin lawrence dating anyone

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The "Bad Boys" and "Blue Streak" star, 51, popped the question to girlfriend Roberta Moradfar last week.He presented his wife-to-be with a staggering engagement ring featuring personalized details -- "M (heart) R" to be exact.That seems a bit far-fetched, since she was, you know, wearing huge, hard-to-move-in couture gowns, and these were two huge nights in her career. Even so, she is adorably neurotic, talking to David Letterman about having really bad gas while promoting the second co-star Hoult and Gwyneth Paltrow's ex, the latter of whom captured the paparazzi's undivided attention.While the Hoult relationship lasted a few years and the Martin romance caught fire in the media quickly, she isn't always in a relationship nor has she had a love that seems like "the one." She was also briefly linked to Liam Hemsworth, her All the things that make J-Law so appealing—her looks, her success, her talent, and her fame—might make her equally as intimidating to potential mates. But all of her public "pros" aside, what is she like up close and personal? What we do know is this: no one is perfect, no matter their persona.

Over the weekend, the talk-show host threw a birthday party at The Lot Studios in West Hollywood that was practically overflowing with famous people.The kind of career dominance and development that J-Law is experiencing is intimidating.She might scare dudes off and not just because she demonstrated some serious archery skills as Katniss Everdeen.She brought Katniss Everdeen, a badass warrior goddess if there ever was one, to life in such dynamic fashion.J-Law is a catch, since she is rich, famous, talented, and stunning. So why will Lawrence—who has dated English actor Nicholas Hoult and Coldplay singer Chris Martin—be single forever? suggested that the actress' Oscar falls were staged and planned.

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