Israel sex

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The first group to arrive were young, unmarried idealists, who came from Eastern Europe at the turn of the century with the dream of creating an entirely new Jewish society, free of the faults of their East-European Jewish communities.They viewed marriage and family as secondary to this task.For divorce, it requires that the husband gives his wife a writ of divorce and that she accepts it.The rulings of the religious courts are subject to the laws passed by Israel's parliament.These forbid child marriage, polygamy, and the husband's one sided, non-judicial divorce of his wife, which are permitted by Muslim religious law.They allocate legal guardianship for the children of a union [whether in or out of wedlock] to both parents.Key indicators of Israel's familiness include relatively high marital and fertility rates and low divorce rates in comparison to other post-industrial countries.

In 1995, only 61% of Israelis were native born [Good & Ben David ,1995].

Declining marital rates, rising divorce rates, and falling birth rates point to decreasing familiness in the last quarter of the twentieth century.

The decrease is most salient in the Jewish population [81% of the total], which saw substantial falls in the marital and birth rates and a doubling of the divorce rate.

Israel, a country located on the Mediterranean Sea in the Middle East, is home to more than 8 million citizens, including an array of breathtakingly beautiful Jewish women.

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