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Not because they count for more, just because they 'know' more people. I don't believe in much of this marketing flavor of the month BS, anyways. Suspicious Plays on UB 25/50 and 50/100The story is likely close to breaking.

Things aren't always so absolute and these situations are rarely an either/or situation. I just don't get it."Life's A Bluff The home of Phil Hellmuth continues to have problems, although it's a non-issue in the press. There was a post on Monday alluding to potential company acknowledgment. Anyway, lemme give you the abbreviated cliff notes, gentle reader.

Not much, except that I truly believe our little community would never have coalesced and formed the bonds it did without him. All of the good stuff, such as it is, can't be blogged about, from both ethical and legal perspectives. Or if I could get confirmation on some of the hearsay.

I love how Otis put it per Al, "Loyal and generous." Amen. Let's just say that the rabbit hole goes a lot further down than people really fathom. I used to have two logins there also before I (knew better.)I had (once) registered both at a single tourney.

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You need word of mouth, and influentials have big mouths.

After all, he's regaled us with tales of dalliances with under-age women and more. I need to take a deeper dive on this and report back, time permitting. Why would anyone in their right mind have money on Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet? The opening post is really all you need to know: Are you kidding me UB?

News flash: Poker Players Alliance still doing nothing. I'm still too much on tilt about the entire situation to make a rational post, but maybe I just need to rant and rave and get it out of my system. --I was talking to my friend whose screen name is Forcewithme on the phone today while he was playing UB.

Writers like Tom Wolfe and Norman Mailer started putting themselves in the story. I met Ralph Nader at the airport and attended a speech he made and wrote mostly about me. When you read a book, you can review it on Amazon or write the author or challenge the author.

It wasn't about a Grateful Dead Concert, it was about what happened to Dr. As a warning, the FBI had a nation-wide program called COINTELPRO, for counter-intelligence. For the underground newspapers, they visited printers who canceled. I remember reading Douglas Mac Arthur's memoirs and thinking, "What total horeshit." Now, I can speak up.

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    My Dearest Friend, Over the years, you have indeed proven to be my best friend. Thankfully Bill offered me this job with a place to stay upstairs.