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I waited FOREVER to save up West Elm money to pay for it in gift cards and then we found something better at half the price elsewhere. ) Like yourself I do not track every penny of my spending habits but I am usually under my budget or very near to it. I don’t really like having more than 5K in cash at any given time.

Guess there is room for improvement there but either way I am still a Buffett! Probably not a great idea but neither is letting it sit in a “high yield” account collecting less than 1% interest.

If you ever wondered if you’re more like Warren Buffett, MC Hammer, or Macaulay Culkin, you’ve come to the right place today :) I stumbled across this “2-Minute Financial Assessment” by the folks at, and it basically gives you a general look at how you’re doing with your finances right now. His parents eventually divorced, but this just created new problems for Culkin when both of them started fighting for his custody just so they could exploit his fortune, allegedly worth over million at that point.

Pretty basic stuff like you would have learned in Personal Finance 101 if such a class ever existed (and if you’d had paid attention which you probably wouldn’t have since they’re ALWAYS SO BORING and not cool like they should be! Had my parents taken this quiz when I was growing up, I’m sure they would be Home Alone-ing it up. I love knowing that the stuff I’m doing has already changed future generations of my family. Culkin entered into a full-blown legal dispute with his manager cum father in 1995 over control of his finances, which he won – an action that would subsequently lead to his father never speaking to him again.

It seems to be a rather common score for PF minded people.

For the other two, I resulted as “The Boss” and “The Savant.” It says I’ll soon be doing big things in a big way. I’m currently investing in my earning potential right now.

By adopting good habits and sticking to them, you’re on your way towards building financial security. He will next be seen in Adam Green’s Aladdin sometime this year, opposite Zoë Kravitz, Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne, Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgeley and Green himself.

Come on, give me a fist bump: Anyways, this quiz came out of celebrating Financial Awareness Month which was April, but since EVERY month is Financial Awareness Month here the spirit continues on :) My answers are next to each question, and the three options you have are “Always, “Sometimes” and “Never.” Here we go! When his longterm relationship with Kunis broke down, Culkin began to descend into a debilitating drug addiction, with rumours emerging that he was dabbling in heroin use and spending hundreds of dollars a day on prescription medication.

I feel like if I need it I can always get it in the event of something truly catastrophic.

Probably would only need to float the charge for a month while I free up cash, which I am comfortable with. I believe you’re the first personal finance blogger to admit that out loud – I need to go find you a prize :) (and here’s his bio in the meantime – there will be a follow up quiz! snid=home.aboutdave) Reply I got 18 on the first quiz like you.

Everyone’s case is a little different so the only person who can really help out anyone’s situation is ourselves. It actually saves me money to keep some extra cash handy so we can hit a sale that pops up unexpectedly for something we need rather than saving now. Number 3 was pretty kind of hard for me to say I always do as I am in college.

Example: the darned West Elm furniture that we saved up for and I had to report as a loss in our NW report today. My expenses are very different to somebody in the working world (college parties don’t pay for themselves!

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