Kiss dating goodbye study guide

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Ryan is always making up stories, and it is hard to know when he is telling the truth.

But his best friend Benjamin is convinced of Ryan's tales of treasure when Ryan produces evidence - he actually has a gold coin he found.

Chuck has told Tina his dad is a pilot, but Pete insists on inviting their father to the school play.

How can he hide the fact that his father's actually finishing up his time behind bars, except by un-inviting him?

When Noel's dad decides to get married again, Noel is not so sure he likes the idea.

Gayle is ruining everything, changing the house around, and she does not like the terrific checked suit Noel has bought for the wedding.

Billy knows it will not be luck that sends him to hockey camp, it will be his own hard work.

Nobody wants to be different from everyone else, and Martin is horrified to discover that he is going to have to wear a hearing aid.When Connie returns five dollars Casey has dropped on the floor, Casey thinks Connie is contributing her share for the present for their teacher, and does not pay attention to Connie's explanations.Connie is not worried - she will be collecting for her paper route on Wednesday, anyway, and she can pay up then.She would do anything to catch his eye, and everyone has advice to offer, but being a "lady" is tough for a tomboy like Connie who would rather be playing baseball.Money is on everyone's mind as the yearbook is in desperate financial straits.

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