Leo dating sagittarius man

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Any movement that threatens this stability will strike fear in the heart of a Leo. Although this aspect of Sagittarius is more yielding than signs that are fixed, the firy mutable nature of Sagittarius make for a somewhat complicated follower.

Mutable signs are thrown into the world without a deep a sense of identity.

At its best, the shared fire element creates a spark that can keep this relationship vibrant and alive, and when placed within two complimentary natal charts, a Leo matched with a Sagittarius can yield a passionate, fun, and loving long-term relationship.

Relationships that grow from Leo Sagittarius match are fire-hot with a tremendous depth of feeling.

A Leo is warm, action-oriented, and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, and this emboldens Sagittarius.

Leo's flair for the dramatic is matched by Sagittarius' bold, devil-may-care attitude.

Both Leo and Sagittarius can handle a fast-paced life, but sparks will fly when there is a conflict of interest.

Certainly, this could be a problem for any couple, however, since fire signs Leo and Sagittarius are both passionate individuals.

When matched with the intellectually curious and upward energy of air, such forces tend to feed and nurture one another.Sagittarius' love of life matches Leo's warm kind and helpful nature.Sagittarius' positivity complements Leo's desire to play and have fun.Both are adventurous, into roleplaying, and gladly participate in the risqué.Leo expects the best, will give the best, and won't accept anything less, and Sagittarius is more than happy to comply.

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