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A careful evaluation of the nested time cycles of the Long Count calendar, as identified on various stelae, revealed that they were composed of whole number periods of earth solar days.

Each had their own assigned names as known to the Maya.

which marked the ascension of a Maya king known as Bird Jaguar.

Another had an inscription of which denoted a time when both the Sun and the Pleiades were in conjunction [1].

[1] Jenkins, 1998, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, p.93[2] It is of course a major essay if not a book in and of itself that would be required to lay out the careful reasoning that underscores the basis for any of the above theories.

In effect, both systems as presented would appear to be but two aspects of a single unified calendar system.

That such is widely accepted in academic circles can be had from the fact that scholars oftentimes refer to the 52 year Venus calendar as the ‘short count’, to distinguish it from the far lengthier 5125 year Long Count.

Suffice it to say here that each of the theorists put a great deal of work into arriving at an answer as to the true start date of the calendar system.

A combination of astronomical events as marked out by various long count dates, including carbon dating and various other factors, all played their part in developing the answer as to the Mayan Calendar start date.

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