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Nouri said he still hasn’t quite recovered from the death of his golden retriever Chauncey four years ago. I think he’s one of the best-kept secrets in show business, and I think he’s gonna break out.” Last fall, Dominick Dunne saw him play Rodin in Camille Claudel in Chester, Conn. He was really poised to be a superstar when he did Dirty Dancing -I mean Flashdance .” “He’s one of the sexiest men around, a great swordsman,” said Victoria Vicuna, a former party girl who dated Mr. “He’s a big guy, but he’s got a certain vulnerability to him, a teddy-bear quality. I mean, he’s dated everyone from [Johnson and Johnson heiress] Libbet Johnson to …. Smither, who studied at the Anderson Ballet School in Chicago and spent 20 years in ballet, had a sudden insight in 2001: “People always search to the East for self-defense techniques, when the West has remarkable resources.” He is presently expanding his Ballet Battle studios to New Jersey. “He’s extraordinarily handsome, and every time I’ve ever been in his company, the women actually jump on top of him. You never know what the true story is, but I think maybe he wasn’t with the right management or right agent. He preferred to starve and live very simply and really hold out for a good role than just sell out.” “We are soulmates,” said decorator and Today show regular Helene Benhamou, who said she had “a flirt” with Mr. In her French accent, she described the effect he has on women: ” Oouuff . So far, he has trained two dozen “dance-fighters.” Mr. “I’m thrilled that Michael can now put this behind him and focus on what he does best — being a great actor.” Nouri, who starred in the 1983 movie “Flashdance” and has appeared on such TV shows as “The Young and the Restless,” “All My Children,” “NCIS,” “Army Wives,” “Damages” and “The O.C.,” had pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor counts stemming from the alleged run-in Nov. The case against the 67-year-old actor was dismissed last month after the alleged victim failed to appear in court, according to Shiara Davila-Morales of the District Attorney’s Office.(credit: Joe Kohen/Getty Images)BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA.com) — A misdemeanor case has been dismissed against actor Michael Nouri involving an alleged situation of domestic violence involving a woman he was dating, his attorney said Wednesday.“The District Attorney’s Office came to the conclusion that a dismissal was warranted in the interests of justice,” said Nouri’s attorney, Gary Jay Kaufman.

In a way, like in medieval times, he’s sort of like a bard …. He understands women very well.” At Nello’s, the pasta arrived. “I’m reminded of something that Cary Grant supposedly said,” Michael Nouri said.

Like many in the 1970’s, he met some trippy people, including a fellow named Guru Maharaj Ji; newspapers reported that Maharaj Ji and his followers rented out the Houston Astrodome and set aside space in the parking lot for flying saucers. Nouri dismissed the cult talk and said, “It’s just for meditation. One of the most glorious days of my life was when I was shown how to meditate.” Meanwhile, he kept auditioning. We’d go to work at 4 in the afternoon and stop shooting when the sun came up.” In the early 1980’s, he dated actress Dyan Cannon.

In 1967, he got work as a waiter in Manhattan and quickly landed a role on Broadway in 40 Carats , with Julie Harris, and in the movie Goodbye, Columbus , as Ali Mac Graw’s jilted boyfriend.

2001)Daughter: Jennifer Daughter: Hannah Girlfriend: Roma Downey (actress, dated until 2003) University: Rollins College University: Emerson College Afghanistan World Foundation Celebrity Committee Damages Phil Grey (2007-) The O. John Forney (1986-87) Search for Tomorrow Steve Kaslo (1975-78) Somerset Tom Conway (1974-75) Any Day Now (20-Apr-2012) The Proposal (15-Jun-2009) Invincible (25-Aug-2006) Last Holiday (13-Jan-2006) The Boynton Beach Club (21-Oct-2005) · Donald The Terminal (9-Jun-2004) · Max Stuey (1-May-2003) Klepto (5-Mar-2003) Terminal Error (26-Apr-2002) · Brad Lovely & Amazing (31-Aug-2001) 61* (28-Apr-2001) Carman: The Champion (1-Mar-2001) Finding Forrester (19-Dec-2000) · Dr.

Neil Roberts (2004-07) The Young and the Restless Elliot Hampton (2004-05) Love & War Kip Zakaris (1992-95) Downtown Det.

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