Multan dating

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In this article, we will try to shed light on the facts about history of Hinduism.History can be defined as a systematic record in a chronological order of important men and events in the past, which is supplied only by written documents or things found which would give sufficient evidence about those events.The pre-historic period is the period when the art of writing was unknown to man and he led a primitive life.With the help of carbon dating and things found at the excavation sites, we can talk with confidence regarding the pre-historic period.Vedic period was perhaps the best period for Hindu Religion. The status of woman was high but unfortunately it deteriorated over the time.During Vedic period, there was no rigid caste system. There is mention of many Gods and Goddesses in Rig Veda which later developed into Vedic mythology.The concept of magnetism, origin of universe, solar winds, etc. Rigveda is the oldest scripture known to mankind still in use.

Women were allowed to participate in social and religious functions. With the advent of modern science now a day, it is believed that Vedas are science in encrypted forms.'I have suspended all of them so that justice is seen to be delivered. That is my promise to you.' Jirgas, or village councils formed of local elders, are a traditional means of settling disputes in Pakistan's rural areas, where courts and lawyers are not always accessible or trusted.Such councils are illegal and have been under fire for their controversial decisions, especially regarding women.'What we did was wrong, but this is the way things are done here.We seek pardon and we promise not to do it again,' said Mohammad Amin, 45, a member of the jirga who is now in police custody.A jirga was involved in one of South Asia's most infamous cases of sexual violence against women when, in 2002, it ordered the gang rape of a woman called Mukhtar Mai after her brother was falsely accused of rape.

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