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Georgina followed Colleen around the club rooms and listened intently to her as she explained the checking procedures for closing up the health club. Georgina pushed nervously against the door and walked in.

“Just the changing rooms left to do now.” She told her. There was another door before the main changing area and as she opened it she called out “Anyone here? “The sort of woman who has a normal, healthy interest in joining a few naked guys in the shower for some fun!

Her embarrassment quickly turned to fear as she saw two other men standing in the doorway. “It’s okay Georgina, nothing to be afraid of.” He told her. As she sensed the cool air on her stomach she felt someone behind her and a hand tugging at the rear of her top and freeing it from her skirt.

Suddenly she found herself raising her arms to allow Brad to lift it over her head.

His tongue feasted on her inner cunt lips and clitty before forcing its way inside her opening.She closed her eyes as the hot water streamed against her skin and then opened them again moments later when she felt hands against her body.Some hands held soapy sponges and others just soap, but no hand left an area of her body untouched. Five minutes earlier she had been fully clothed; a woman of relative innocence and virtue; now she was naked, with a group of naked males who were taking every opportunity to explore her body.He continued for a few minutes and then another took his place.Another tongue; another eager mouth between her things; other eager fingers penetrating her.

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