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I don’t need to see every thing you check off your to-do list from breakfast to bedtime.” Andrew says that if a guy wants to get more Snapchats from you, he’ll send you some that require a response.

“If a guy sends you one with a question or one that elicits an easy response, then he wants you to send one back to him.

“It’s not like sending one every once in a while is bad,” says Andrew.

“But when you start getting more than three from the same person in a day it’s like, ‘alright, you’ve gotta calm down, girl.’” Nate agrees: “I hate when a girl sends me a picture of every task she does all day long.

“If you get a Snapchat from a girl whose makeup is perfect and who clearly just did her hair and has crazy cleavage going on, you know that she tried hard to look good in that Snapchat,” Andrew says.

“Either own it or just don’t acknowledge it.” Jake says he doesn’t mind if a girl looks pretty, but that a thousand Snapchats of her with the exact same facial expression get annoying.This woman Hilary Erickson is a whole new kind of low! Persistent to destroy people’s relationships and she gives no fucks because she let’s her vaginal urges control things instead of being a decent human being. No wonder why she’s a single mom, shes opens her legs for anyone. Blanca Lopez cheated on her fiance (now husband) with a guy named Ramses that would go to the english classes that her and another teacher used to give. According to Ramses he slept with her more than once. She likes to put her nasty ass pix on Fetlife and sleep with married men. Chelsea threw herself at my husband as a “female friend”, before turning things up a notch by sending him sleazy messages and photos. And within a week of him walking out on me and my six-month-old baby girl, she was already sleeping at his house. I’m tempted to text her and tell her how many other women he still contacting, but I figure I’ll just let her heart get stepped on, too. She started having kids at 16 years old and talks about ((loves getting kisses down low, to make her back arch). She threatend him and he ended up leaving his family. She’s a low down dirty wh**e, can’t amount to anything but sleeping at sleezy westside motels and sitting on a taken mans d**k. This woman Laura Medley loves to hear when her “friends” are having marital issues.She was dating a guy for a short time, instead of breaking up with him she maintained a relationship with another man. She works for Jim Moore State Farm in Bartlesville and can’t keep her legs closed. I recently found out from my soon to be ex-husband that she slept with her co-worker who has 5 kids with a wife who knows nothing about her. She must not respect herself at all, since she’s not the only girl he’s talking to, he literally walked out on his baby in order to “fix himself”… Nikki Collier of Mc Alester, OK slept with her best friend’s husband. What teenage girl says that kind of stuff on her social media. Ballard has slept with and impregnated several married women, in a racially motivated conquest to ruin marriages and uses his badge to evade the ire of their husbands. Instead of working on her own relationship, she gets off on sleeping with her friend’s husbands, one by one.Or it could make him think you’re hanging out with guys other than him, which could make him think it’s okay to hang out with girls other than you.So be careful with that one.” Jake says this actually happened to him.

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