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However, there could be a fine line between what you may view as hurtful and what your pal may qualify as humor. The blatant name-calling might be obvious; on the other hand, teasing could also be difficult to spot.Further, it is possible that two friends could be equally culpable when it comes to harmful berating. First, you need to consider that a friendship, regardless of its history or bond, is not impenetrable to toxicity. You might be able to laugh a jest off here and there, but withstanding deeper insults can be hurtful. Rather than being between a volley of jokes you may find yourself consistency placed at the punch line, particularly when an audience is present. Even without the tact of humor, do you feel minimized by your friend?Friendships gift us with boosts in confidence, worth, coping, and happiness.But have you ever had friend make you feel quite the opposite?Finally, you may feel as though you are constantly in the wrong, and may begin to second-guess your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and question your sense of self. Encounters with a verbally abusive friend come with a double-edged sword.If you are assertive you may be met with blame, but if you are not assertive, you leave the door open for future wounds.Next week, I look forward to sharing my tips for healing a hurt friendship in the final piece of this series.Until then, if you haven’t read part one, you may want to jump back to Why Friendships Fail.

It can be difficult to recognize that your friend is an abusive force in your life.

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In a typical conversation, you may have your words discounted even though they may be of sincere importance to you.

You may not even be given the time of day to share your view, perspective, or experiences, but if you do, they may be met with criticism and judgment.

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