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I know that I come from a genetically smart family (due to test results of my siblings - see my Biography) and I was curious as to how ten years study of Physics, Philosophy, Metaphysics) affected my intellectual ability (for good or bad!!

- my IQ Scores for the IQ Tests are shown next to the IQ Test links below).

An interesting article on the history of IQ Tests: Where Does It Come From and What Does It Measure? When you have finished the test click the 'What's My Score' button.

There is nothing more lovely, more happy and gay - I almost said more amorously playful. A sad and gloomy mien shows you have mistaken her address.

(de Montaigne) - International High IQ Society - Five professional free IQ tests to qualify for membership.

ii) They tend to be very stubborn and believe that they are right, but this stubbornness is founded on a passion for Reason and Truth.

iii) They believe that things can be understood and explained by Science and Reason.

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