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The young women who enter into relationships with male celebrities face a different kind of scrutiny, though.

Stodden was called a “golddigger” and a “slut,” even though her 50-year-old husband was the one with all of the power.

Not one of these men faced any kind of legal repercussions for their actions.

Stodden’s parents gleefully signed off on her marriage, and a lot of fans just kind of pretend that the whole R. (And don't even get me started on that Woody Allen business.) There’s always criticism of these relationships, but relatively little legal action.

Their marriage might have ended earlier this year, but here's betting their careers haven't.(The law is different if the couple is married, which is sort of screwed up in its own regard.) Still, male actors and musicians have a long history of dating (and marrying) women who are much, much younger than them.It's a relatively unknown factoid today, but, in the 1950s, singer Jerry Lee Lewis made headlines for marrying his 13-year-old second cousin.Sure, everyone was skeezed out by Stodden's stripper-wear and childlike coo, but Hutchinson's character emerged relatively unscathed. But while these celebrities might claim age might be just a number, power differentials are very real.The public would absolutely balk, and has absolutely balked, at middle-aged teachers engaging in a relationship with a teenaged girls, and not only because it is illegal.

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