Perl open updating file in place

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If you lock or unlock the file, Perl automatically flushes its buffers for you.

Here's how you increment a number in a file, using use Fcntl qw(: DEFAULT :flock); sysopen(FH, "numfile", O_RDWR|O_CREAT) or die "can't open numfile: $!

The red light doesn't stop traffic; it merely signals that traffic should stop.

A desperate, ignorant, or rude person will still go flying through the intersection no matter what the light says.

The polite process customarily indicates its intent to read from the file by requesting a .

The last line Actually this is only a warning; the script keeps running and that's why we see the word "done" printed on the screen.

Before you can write to a file you need to open it, asking the operating system (Windows, Linux, OSX, etc) to open a channel for your program to "talk to" the file. We could have defined it earlier, but usually it is cleaner to do it inside, even if it looks a bit awkward at first.

The second parameter defines the way we are opening the file.

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In case you want to check the condition at the end of each iteration, you use the do while or do until statement instead.

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