Police tackle compensated dating apps

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Children like little entitled Davy that now thinks he is cute because he can say F… And, you opt to pull support of someone that gave little Davy a hint why schools may not wish to have his foul mouth in their school.

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Since, the claim (183316200) we filed with progressive was denied by Jasmyne Alton (progressive adjuster), we filed a claim with our own insurance (Safeco Insurance). It is our belief that progressive has to accept liability for this claim and compensate for our damages incurred.

Sad, hope works out for you…listen to a number of realtors say you made life simple, one less insurance company to endorse…Auto salespeople are just say see ya wouldn’t want to be ya…etc…response is up to you, it is obvious what your agenda is, it is obvious that you have no clue or desire to make schools safe for children.

Reply Your insurance sucks to begin with, and now you have decided to bring politics into your little nest.

Making statements like; no other generation before has looked down the muzzle of an AR-15 like his.

Excuse me what about those in Machine guns in WWI, WWII bazookas and machine guns, Korean War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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