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Note that this ability is similar to the assisted GPS feature of the i Phone 3G and i Phone 3GS, with the difference in that turning ON Location Services lets i Phone and its applications use this tracking info immediately (less than 10 seconds).Turning it OFF means this tracking info from the cell towers is simply not processed on the i Phone, but is available if needed.As for the frequency you are using, use the following guide to match your ARFCN (Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number): "Network Operating Mode", if it is NOM 001 then Voice has higher priority (Class A), while NOM 002 indicates Data has a higher priority than Voice (Class B). Note that this Field Test Mode was disabled in i OS 4.0, and re-enabled in i OS 4.2.1.However, many of field test features listed are no longer available unless you use an earlier version of the firmware, or re-enable via homebrew.Mode: IMEI When you enter this number (no need to touch dial afterwards), you should be presented with your 15 digit IMEI number.IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

Note that when you are in this mode, the signal strength bar on the top-left corner becomes a negative number.

Meeting that demand has required an epic buildup of materials, infrastructure, and labor, all while satisfying Wall Street's need for bigger, more historic profits.

Li, who is from Huaiyang, about 120 miles southeast of Zhengzhou, knew all about the suicides at Foxconn.

And she had no qualms about paying the 150 renmimbi, or , for a bus ticket to Taiyuan, even for a job that pays 1,550 renminbi a month, about 4.

(Foxconn raised wages in Zhengzhou on August 1 to 1,800 renminbi, about 3.) "It's very hard to get a job at Foxconn," Li said, with her pink purse and a grocery bag full of food in her hand.

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