Professional dating tips

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We want to be accepted as equals by our peers and by the people that we want to be with. Women, regardless of profession, need to understand their worth. We owe ourselves the obligation of finding a healthy relationship.

This comes with an often unspoken rule enacted by others and sometimes by our own brains: don’t be too smart. A healthy relationship does not include being called a whore, being degraded, or having to dumb ourselves down to be accepted by a potential mate.

Dating under these pressures is certainly difficult - and yet, many singles would still like to ultimately settle down, with marriage as the ''state that most people aspire to.'' The trick, then, is looking in the right place.

For many single professionals, this 'right place' is online, with sites like Elite Singles.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Paralegal Studies.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude in three years while in an abusive marriage and raising two small children. Well, as it turns out…I received more than 60 messages my first day.

Simply because a woman is on a dating website doesn’t mean she can check her messages at any particular moment. The first man loved to brag about being with a woman that is attractive, a successful writer, and a sought after paralegal.

With most of our Irish members educated and successful, Elite Singles is the best place to meet someone you really suit.At the time I created my profile I worked full time and ran a business as a virtual paralegal. In short, I never had enough time to go around, but I was lonely when my kids were with their father. Those messages were sent by only seven or eight men. ” Yet, every one of them felt I had slighted them because I did not answer right away.It quickly went from “Hi,” to “Stop ignoring me,” to “You’re a bitch.” These men didn’t even know me.I know women who do not work in what we would consider professional settings.I know women who are strippers, waitresses, and cleaning ladies.

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