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With a hasty goodbye to a frowning Sam, she made her way down to the car park.

She never felt safe down in the car park especially after hours where it became deserted and the lighting was poor.

She got up and made the short walk to the ladies room. Yet she had to stick at it as she had bills to pay and a good review and annual bonus might just allow her some breathing room to quit and get away from this place.

Feeling thankful, she moved her hands back to her keyboard where she could be certain of where they were at all times.t anything wrong with wanting to have some semblance of a physical relationship; however she was conservative by nature.

She was a girl who would never even entertain the idea of sleeping with someone she only had been dating for a few months much less a complete stranger.

Feeling the blood rush to her cheeks, the young girl withdrew her hand quickly glancing around to see if anyone had noticed.

Fortunately for her, she was alone in the office with Sam who may or may not have been simply burying his head in work at his desk.

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