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Richard Armitage was one of the first people who was seen for the role. My roots are in that part of the country and that kind of industry. "Something great happened when I read with Daniela.

Something clicked.” The producer, Kate Bartlett, said, “We did read with a lot of actors and put a lot of combinations of Margarets and Thorntons together until finally we came up with the mix of Richard and Daniela, which I think was perfect.” “When I was cast in the role of Thornton my initial reaction was shock.

It had been a long casting process and I realised it was the role of a lifetime.

But then, of course, I was incredibly honoured to have been asked to play it - I’d fallen in love with the novel. It was a huge mountain to climb and there’s a lot of expectation for that role as well; it’s a big favourite of many people.” Research As usual, Richard Armitage’s research for the role was meticulous.

But , Ben revealed that the story will follow a familiar true-crime format, as well as stay true to its roots."There are all these broken pieces that are being fitted together, and a shifting set of suspects, and every episode you learn more, and at the same time recognise that you've been mistaken all along."It functions like a turnstile of mysteries," he hinted.

Part 2 of Summertime Fling*This story occasionally crosses over with 'Lessons in Claiming' and by that I mean the characters in this story interact with the characters in that one.

Richard is a teacher, married and has two lovely children. There is that lovely Mechanic from down the street he just can´t get his eyes off.- Inspired by Dirty Dancing, with a twist :) This is Act two in: The Stranger Series.If you haven't read the first one I strongly suggest that you do before hand or things may a bit confusing. Friendships are forged and relationships are restored.Lee remained silent for a few seconds, observing the other and not sure what to say or what to do.« Are you kidding » he said with a low strangled voice.Six months ago, Richard booked a Christmas getaway at a remote winter lodge for him and his boyfriend.

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