Rolex dating system

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As a result, our expertise can help you determine the highest value of your pre-loved Rolex watch.

Also, you can find the production date according to the serial number with this simple tool. Please contact us if we can answer any questions regarding the age of your Rolex timepiece.

For instance, are you interested in buying or selling a Rolex watch? If so, it’s important to stay in tune with the ever changing market.

It takes close inspection but the number is visible through the crystal.

For Rolex watches manufactured up to 2010, determining the approximate production date is easy.

The serial number is sequential from 1926 through the middle of 1987 and the production year can be looked up in a reference table.

It’s also important to note, the serial number is not an absolute identifier of the watch’s production date.

Components may have been stockpiled for some before being used for assembly.

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