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It is awe-inspiring, with its rugged beauty of narrow passages, dramatic rock formations, steep fjords, drifting ice floes, and towering glaciers marking the southern tip of the massive Greenland ice field.

Passage through this channel may reveal white-beaked dolphins, and four species of whales. Paamiut is a town in SW Greenland located on the coast of the Labrador Sea.

Visitors experience a vibrant cultural scene with an arts centre, many museums, and the only two cinemas in the east of Iceland.v The town of Akureyri with its population of 17,000 is the administrative, transportation, and commercial centre of North Iceland.

It is situated at the head of the 60 km long Eyjafjordur fjord, the longest and one of the most breathtaking fjords in Iceland.

Your ticket also includes a 90-minute Skyline cruise and admission to Top Of the Rock observation deck.- Transfer in New York from Hotel to Airport- Air Taxes *Conditions Apply: Please note that the prices shown here are not shown in real time.

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Take a stroll from Akureyri’s town centre towards the south, and absorb the town’s history.

The capital of the Westfjords of Iceland is Isafjordur.

It is the most populous town in the region and the fourth largest town in the country.

The landscape is majestic, with fjord after fjord towering above shore and sea, but each and every fjord has its own distinctive character. On arrival take a stroll through the streets of the town. Visit the Maritime Museum that contains all sorts of nautical and historical displays, and if interested in kayaking there is a kayaking outfitter right next door.

Also don’t miss the part of the town known as Neostikaupstaour, which consists of the oldest buildings in Iceland, including four buildings from the 18th century.

Reykjavik, the capital and largest city of Iceland, is the gateway to Iceland's stunning natural wonders, which range from ice fields to boiling thermal pools.

The landscape on the island seems to be in a continual process of transformation much like its society, which blends Nordic tradition with sophisticated technology.

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