Salil and khushboo dating

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Born and brought up in a poverty stricken Kerala village of 1970’s, I set out to face life without much of a family background or social acceptance.There was a time when I was in the grip of severe loneliness, inferiority complex and lack of trust in human beings.

The great songs of Parakh, Usne kaha tha, Chhaya, Maya, Kabuliwala, Anand, Mere Apne, Rajnigandha, Choti si baat, Jeevan jyothi, Mrigaya, Annadata, Anand mahal etc., followed but with an intolerable gap.Even today, non- Malayalees identify Malayalam music with the songs of ‘Chemmeen’ like ‘Kadalinakkare ponore’.He scored music for 23 films in Malayalam, creating 106 precious of songs.He started writing songs and setting tunes for IPTA, the cultural wing of the communist party.The people’s desire for independence and awakening of the working class were the themes of those songs.

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