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She had opportunities that the bulk of young people in the world are never privileged to experience.'She cannot now rewrite history 13 years later to suit her current prejudices against her former faith.'’We’re in international waters, so you can literally get away with murder.But to Scientologists, they claim that it’s the only place you can do the highest levels, to be away from the world.You start making things up to please them, I started to believe that my dad had actually raped me and the next day, I was like that never happened.Despite her newfound ability to leave the ship and travel, Ramana saw the cracks in the Scientology system: 'It was still the same every time we visited - people are broke, desperate, trying to pay for their Scientology courses'.There’s no help for girls like me, who’d only kissed one boy in my life, to having a husband and expecting to have sex.‘Then it came up that he’d been masturbating, I got in so much trouble for not satisfying him, this was only after a year of marriage. I’ve had to deal with that as sexual abuse, I wasn’t ready at all emotionally or physically.'The relationship fizzled as Ramana remained on the ship and her husband went away for training. I was working in the Commodore Messenger Org - we’d run messages for International Management, this was dating back to L.

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If they were smoking cigars and drinking whisky that’s where it’d be.I was 15, I thought it was exciting, we get to go on the world famous Freewinds.‘The recruiters would not leave me alone, I spent hours in their office while my mother did courses, they’d made me read all about the Sea Org and why it’s so important, the world is in crisis, how you are needed to save it, it was total indoctrination.'It got heavier and heavier during the week, they’d follow me everywhere. I eventually said I’d sign a contract to say that when I finished my ballet career, I’d join the Sea Org.It’s a billion-year contract, it’s ridiculous.‘But, once I signed it, they came on hard, they said I had to come as soon as possible. They brought in Commanding Officers to say I’d never make it as a dancer, you’ll never change the world, screaming at me, I was in trauma.'As a 15-year-old, it was confusing and overwhelming.Dienes-Browning’s service aboard the Freewinds terminated 13 years ago in November 2003 when she was dismissed from the Sea Organization, the Church of Scientology’s religious order.'The truth is that Ms.Dienes-Browning had an exciting position, travelling to over 35 different locations in a period of five years to promote the Church services to parishioners all around the world, including in Australia.'She flew by herself in most instances.

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