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"I believe the only way I'm going to get any closure is if I address this: I feel I have to man up and face the shame, the guilt and the embarrassment." Following the 2011 CBC report, Scouts Canada hired the firm KPMG to conduct a review of its handling of sexual misconduct claims within its ranks.

The report examined 486 cases of alleged sexual misconduct dating back to the 1940s.

He has spent time on the streets, and has worked off and on as an oil burner mechanic and driving instructor.

A former Boy Scout named Chris says a scoutmaster sexually abused him 'hundreds of times' when he was just 11-years-old.

"It was really nice, the camping and whatnot," he said.

He first encountered scout leader John Brown at one of the troop's regular meetings at Brockville's St. Brown, he said, was friendly and helpful, and asked a lot of questions.

He admitted he didn't know what to do or 'what was happening to my body.'During the video Chris said he has been tortured with this secret his whole adult life, which has led to depression, anger and anxiety: 'I’ve had this kind of whirlwind of mess throughout my adult life,' he said.They distributed flyers and hosted two separate presentations in their school to their fellow classmates and parents.They learned to crochet and made blankets for the shelter.It progressed from there." Brown, he said, would invite him back to his house where they'd work on car mechanics, cook french fries together and wrestle. He has never been able to trust people and has difficulty forming lasting relationships.It all seemed harmless enough, he said, until Brown revealed himself as a "monster" and "deviant." Once it started, the sexual abuse escalated quickly, and most of the incidents occurred at Brown's home, he said. "Anything good in life I've either lost or ran away from," he said. said he launched the lawsuit because he believes "it's the only way I'll get any closure or any happiness." A spokesman for Scouts Canada said he could not speak to the specifics of C.

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