Slow dating too fast

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Let’s say Alice is holding a light clock, and Bob is watching her run by, while holding it, with speed V.

Alice is standing still (according to Alice), and the time, , between ticks is easy to figure out: it’s just .

Now, if a relativistic argument doesn’t hinge on the invariance of C, then it isn’t relativistic.

So ask yourself “What do the speed of light and time have to do with each other? A good way to explore the connection is a “light clock”.

From Bob’s perspective the photon in the clock doesn’t just travel up and down, it must also travel sideways, to keep up with Alice. So Bob sees Alice’s clock ticking slower than Alice does.

The additional sideways motion means that the photon has to cover a greater distance, and since it travels at a fixed speed (EEP y’all! The exact amount of time can be figured out by thinking about the distances involved. You can easily reverse this experiment (just give Bob a clock), and you’ll see that Alice sees Bob’s clock running slow in exactly the same way.

It’s just sometimes we can get carried away with the idea, and wind up moving too fast in our relationships.If the past few guys have all been basically the same dude with varying haircuts, maybe it’s time to step back and re-evaluate why you’re dating these people in the first place.Source: i Stock You should only have sex with someone if you want to have sex with them, but if your partner is really pushing for it, then take it as a red flag.Source: i Stock Trust is something that has to be earned, and if you find yourself implicitly trusting this guy when he’s given you no reason to do so then it’s a pretty good sign you should slow things down. Alright alright, that last one isn’t that important, but if you’ve both said the infamous L-word and his mom has no idea you even exist, there’s a problem here.And if you’re thinking “Well he hasn’t given me a reason NOT to trust him,” look at it like this – if you trust him and he lets you down you’ll get hurt, but if you keep your guard up and make sure he’s worthy of your trust in the first place, the likelihood you’ll get hurt decreases dramatically. Generally speaking, if you’ve only been dating one to three months and already think you’re in love, you aren’t – it’s just the honeymoon phase.

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