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Let's discuss the pro's and con's of making pharmaceutical service pricing more transparent. Ggram quantities of chiral ligands are sold to pharma for their screens.When a 'hit' occurs, they ask for 100g in a scale up, followed by 10 kg runs.For instance, a catalyst was developed or a customer a few years ago; it was eventually scaled to 750kg for the commercial production of Januvia (their diabetes drug). Leading Scientist Catalysis Solvias AG Continuous flow manufacturing has advantages over traditional batch production.All big pharm and many biotechs use ligands and catalysts. It guarantees that the ideal "reactor" is available for each step in the process including the mixing of starting materials quickly, ensuring the correct stoichiometry everywhere, heating, cooling, addition of reagents, and removal of product.Our supply chain is long, convoluted and globalized.

What will it take to bring API manufacturing back to the United States?In my view this is not always the best route to take and we should be looking for fit for purpose technology for early phase clinical projects and the best technology for commercial applications. Senior Vice President, Global Business Development Chiral Quest Ian Davies, Ph. different metabolism than the non-fluorinated analog, more lipophilic molecule with fluorine, longer acting API results. Means of introducing the fluorine such as actual distinct fluorination of the primary molecule or via a key part of the molecule added later.A broad toolbox of technologies are required to cover these areas. What purification advantages or disadvantages do we see with a fluorinated API? Head, Business Development North America Zhejiang Hengdian Apeloa Pharmaceuticals Included in the complexity of manufacturing of API’s and finished products are a myriad of chemical, microbiological and physical testing requirements to ensure both compliance of the API/product with requisite specifications.Quebre a rotina do seu dia-a-dia e aproveite para fazer novas amizades ou quem sabe conhecer alguém especial...RESERVA: Para participar deverá primeiro registar-se no nosso site efectuar depois a sua inscrição no evento.

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