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21 " He has heirs, then, oar une B^ble suc- cessor ? These dull, deboshed Haiio TCrians oq the throne of England will crovd us to revolution, as the Stuarts did the mother country." " Then Westchester may need a Brothertoft, as Lincolnshire did," cries Edwin, ardently.

" ^ *' One child, heir or heiress ; I dofi Dot remem- ber which." " Hoir or heiress, I hope the new tenant will keep the old place in order, until I can win it back for you, father." " It cheers me greatly, my dear son," said the father, with a. His face flushed, his eye kindled, it seemed as if the Colonel, in the vigor of youth, had stepped down from the canvas. A life could not name itself wasted which had passed to such a son. " says Robinson, touching glasses with his neighbor. " says Livingston, blowing a kiss, and completing the circle of clink.

" We Brothertofts have always needed the goad of necessity," said the senior, in apology for himself and his race. " He pointed to Vandyck's group of the Parliar mentary Colonel and his family. " England offers a bril- liant career to one of your figure, your manners, aud your talents. First came the red nomad, striding over the continent.

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