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Here's a quick list of the types of threats you'll find in our reports.You can also find more information on security terms in the Symantec Security Response Online Glossary .A phishing attack occurs when an attacker displays Web pages or sends emails that claim to be from a trusted company.These pages or emails solicit sensitive information from an unwitting customer.According to My Wot and Google safe browsing analytics, is a dangerous domain.

Viruses are a type of malicious code, or malware , typically spread by other computers through email, downloads, and Web sites that are not safe.See the Malware Topic Center for more detailed information.A heuristically-detected virus is found based on the malicious behaviors that it exhibits.First, your inquiry has been received by Security Voice, an independent service provider to insure that you will remain anonymous.Security Voice is an independent entity which is not part of your school.

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