Taylor kitsch dating advice

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Along with their two dachshunds, Odie and Oscar, Liz and Chris have created a home that feels both simple and timeless — just like her line, Elizabeth Suzann. Three of us drove ourselves insane 24/7 for weeks trying to get Christmas orders fulfilled.

During that holiday rush, Chris and I slept in the office on an air mattress — and after that, we realized it was more convenient to live here all the time.

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The other paintings are vintage from flea markets and Instagram.

When finding vendors and suppliers early on, I had to work hard to get people to take me seriously.

Now it’s easier because we’re placing large orders — and money talks. On becoming a boss: In two years, we went from having zero employees to a team of 18.

Clothing designer Elizabeth Pape has one of the shortest commutes imaginable.

She and her husband, Chris, live in a small building right in front of their company’s sprawling warehouse space.

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