Teen laws for dating older men

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Rightly concerned as we are about the sexualization of young children, we need to be careful to remember that teens and tweens sexual.Children and adolescents need the space and the freedom with which to develop their own healthy sexualities, free from the unhelpful encouragement to “be sexy” for others and from the equally toxic pressure to repress all of their desires until marriage.These little “nymphets” are invariably the aggressors, hungry for experience.The older men they pursue usually try to resist, pleading morality or common sense, but inevitably fall prey to the intensity of their own desire for these girls.There is no ambiguity when it comes to sex between adults and minors.An adult always has both the ability and the obligation to resist a seductive child.Her teacher moaned and clasped her tighter; Deborah reported that it “felt really good.” When it was over, he sent her home angrily.

Call it the “Lolita Myth”: the idea that pubescent girls have the power to cause men many times their age to lose all sense of right and wrong.♦◊♦We see this theme in pornography.Deborah (not her real name, of course) wanted to make it clear that, as she put it, “grade-school girls can have sexual agendas too.”Deborah, now a mother of teens herself, told my friend that when she was 11, she’d started taking private piano lessons.Her teacher was a married man in his 30s, and he gave these lessons out of his home while his wife was away.Their sexual relationship only ended when Deborah and her family moved away.In Deborah’s telling of the story, she was the pursuer and her teacher the pursued.

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