Telling your kids that youre dating rod altman dating

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As a person who tries to put things into a logical perspective, kids are a tricky one.After all, it may seem somewhat illogical to voluntarily create a new being, and make such a big sacrifice to your own life to support it.

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But on further reflection, most of my social life as a kid was with other kids that were closer to my own age.At that moment, my wife came home from the library with a nice load of books.One of them was “Parenting an Only Child”, a book about only children and how most of the conventional assumptions about them are wrong.I was offering him a bottle and I knew he needed food, but he was upset and had been screaming for much of the night.My wife and I had been trading off baby shifts as usual so each of us could get half a night’s sleep, which is a very helpful tactic since the sleep deprivation stage of raising a child can go on for more than a year.

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