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Enter an extra payment you can afford, and you will see your debt-free date move earlier when you use either the debt snowball and debt avalanche methods. Debt Free Price: 99 cents Platform: i Phone, i Pad, IOS 7Pros: Includes a lot of debt and loan options.

This tool, provided on personal finance guru Suze Orman’s website, asks how much extra you can afford to pay and advises you to first pay down the debt with the highest interest rate (avalanche method).If she paid more than the minimum payments, she would get out of debt sooner.For instance, if she could spare 0 extra per month and applied this to her highest-interest card first (the avalanche method), she would be out of debt by August 2020 and pay ,017 in interest.Bottom line: OK, if you want to look at one debt at a time and don’t mind the ads. Requires access to identity, photos and media files on device. Debt Payoff Planner Platform: Android Cost: Free Pros: Fairly easy to use. How it works: Enter debts, payment and how much extra you can afford to pay. Before downloading or paying any money for an app, decide what features are important to you and which are deal-breakers.Not good for coming up with an overall debt erasure plan. Get payoff strategy using snowball or avalanche method to get your debt-free date. Then use an app as a tool to start moving toward your own personal debt freedom day.

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