They are killing the japanese and intimidating us

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Researchers estimate there are as many as 1,000 interactions, or near misses, a year in these waters.An interaction is described as an incident where either a ship or whale has to take avoiding action to stop a collision.This conclusion was reached after survey work coordinated by the University of Ruhuna in Sri Lanka, local whale watch operator Raja and the Whales, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Biosphere Foundation and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) over the last two years.

There is an old woman that sits in auditorium number 1 in the very back and a child that roams 3 and 4.As few as 5,000 blue whales may still exist, a fraction of the numbers before harpoon guns were invented in the 19th Century by whalers.Although blue whales are today protected from whaling, they are again under threat from collisions with huge modern ships passing close to the southern coast of Sri Lanka, one of the best places on Earth to see these gentle giants.At least 11 of the supersize cetaceans - measuring 100 ft long and weighing up to 200 tons - have died after being struck by ships but many more may have perished and their huge bodies washed away by the seas.Scientists are hoping a simple solution will help stop further carnage for a species that was hunted to the brink of extinction.

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