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Then I quickly, but hopefully not too obviously, pulled my shorts back up.

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I'm also certain he'll volunteer to come back next time I order something.

After my workout I went back into the changing room, peeled off my tee shirt and bra and replaced them with the top part of my string bikini. This girl had a knack for losing her clothes accidentally: bikinis coming undone etc. The neck strap is in two pieces as well so I tied that one loose as well.

Not so loose that it would come undone while I was walking to the pool. During the day my gym runs aqua-aerobics classes which normally have a dozen people in them, at other times the pool usually has up to ten people.

My heart was racing, both at the sudden shock of the water hitting my body and at the thought that I might be seen.

I cam up for air with my back to the other swimmers (Facing the main entrance to the pool, no-one came in thank goodness) and, keeping my tits under water, shoved them back into my bikini top.

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