Troulettes cams

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For example, because of where the dealer releases the ball, the ball track may become more worn at some parts.

The resulting effect is the ball will come off the ball track and fall at some points more than others.

There’s an incredible amount of nonsense written about roulette computers, mostly from dishonest roulette computer sellers.

Each of these use similar algorithms that do well on old and worn wheels, but have very poor accuracy on modern wheels that are in good condition.

Then they’d wait for the wheel to complete a full revolution, and click the button again when zero comes around to the same diamond.

This would give the roulette computer a wheel (rotor) timing of something like 3000ms (3 seconds for a revolution). And multiple revolutions can be timed to reduce errors and improve accuracy.

And if you know where the ball will at least fall most of the time, you have the beginnings of a strong advantage.

If the ball didn’t bounce, then all you’d need to know is the number under the dominant diamond at the approximate time the ball will fall.

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