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State, Curved in Wood 9G L ut-Tki L Gtewthe Ft OVind rirnrfttial li" H Sfl H , 4 Cherk Book Stub Holder Leaves Bath. with Air Pressure, , 79 f Cemti Birett Corsngt- Shield, Feather CG Crane, Clamshell, Used to Sava Kerae'ti Lite 13 Ctane, Oi L.r Man Electric, Paper Handled by...,,,,. & Ctystal Dececitir Lik^ Vacuum Tube a.f Dam Frojcet of Vast Propartiorts. 23 Doors, Firep-TL-o E Bullhead, Made of Mlhdf Uiy T2 Dredgtfii — Hasin *iv:l_ Chaooel En, Baliaio* lefande,.,, ll Q Drill, Trpvelmg Multiple, For Plates. 4i Drug Dissolving Appliance, Electrimtlly Hotted,,.... P*c Ry - 19 Elevator, Wrecked, Rebuilding a Big Task .

At- the a pi; of 24 I am A ronem Aft and my *altu-v i- *2,400.00 n yi Hir . Thun, in iwn- quick Heps I rttirhcd my pn^'iit pusitiyn, Ttrf'i-o ci*ht «w( PT^Ttln rair. Smith Lind His Orches- tra, The Virginians, All Star Trio and Their Orchtitrs, Ha eke l- Gorge Orchestra, International Novelty Orchestra, and oih^r favorite organisations.

Your total aspenae will 'bo Iks than a uluk I Haho-trained nivclianiii enraa in i/ircc uvwf.'s. Quick, Easy Training No “h^ook-Joianiin K" required --just nmy. Ij't tein p™x itf f Vrita j,u; tuinii-— CHICAGO Mlchtapn ana Ontaric Be Sure to Address My Nearest Suhoof Jfahe Trader Dept.

N& Hospital Garment Easy to Remove, , 40 Hfltissr Draocfttiusia, Intrrinr, o E Fiji Inlanders E£ Houtc on Kljhl.

Aerial, New Tranaatlamic, Stru M* an Tt MEppph Poka, lif Bernard G. Motorcycle Engine Drives Airp Una Wto B» Teared, by Flying, ■ - ■ ■ ■ .

Very likely she also will have the house remodeled or enlnrjjcd— with Cypre£s,“the Wood Eternal”.

But if it is of Cypress now, she will have practically no repairing to do then,, — any more chan y-au will between now and then. Ash the lumberman to show you the Cypress trade-mark arrow (shown below.) on every board or bundle.

Automobile Mud Kim Invents Skidding an Sliypery Ruada ...i... El ■BS a 90 132 2 SB 0 sa 0 ina si Hi ■i'3 fuc Lr IIP 64 111! Bayonets, Geimiri, Converted into Chopping Matbrnt F, l£j Bear, Estayei], Navel Method of Ct Ptiu Lng . T6 Boat, GUill FLying, Twenty Seven Pasaenf-ns Carrivl Ey 4* Boat, Three Section, Easily Tran ■pea 1 table . , , Li-: Bridge ''BDOslin K'' a Nev job Ear Dynamite, by H. Arho , i, i, ,.,■, — .“., 5 , r...,.,”", 11 H i l 1 1 [■ e- Build log jn AIah Iu, by George P. 94 Civic Features, ,-,,, 110 civk lenjiroveme BE, Chicago Fro K rliiti o(, bj Cleve- land Gainer; lit Civiliiatioh, Antient and Modern, Where Tbty Meet.

■ B-anjn Strinft Made S-nappy by Extension o E Thi I- 1 ? Kod, Machine Bn Fbhtts •■ 1IIS Beea, Swarm nf, Seartbli ylil T Uaed to Koul ilk Binder, Loooa Larfeit Ever Built ...

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