Updating a victorian home

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Ornate and decorative, Victorian architecture marks a unique departure from the symmetry of early American architecture.

Decidedly asymmetrical, Victorian homes feature intricate rooflines and ornate porches with shingles or narrow-lap wood siding.

I am married to Kevin Kriehn, an Executive Creative Director, and together we are the proud parents of a free-spirited eight-year-old girl who is always on the go.

Kevin and I meet in the summer of 2003 on a blind date.

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I’ve got the perfect bright and colorful home today to cure your winter blues.

Our new house is very, very different from the old.

It has actual historical architecture for one, with wood that is in gorgeous condition, not cobbled together from leftover bits and pieces.

Mara and her family live just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconson in a charming Victorian full of sunshine, original art and bright colors. My name is Mara Dučkens and I am thrilled to invite you into my colorful home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What the homeowners fell in love with was the Victorian charm and fancy architecture used, as well as the huge potential it had for renovation.

The home underwent an extensive rehabilitation which helped restore it to its original style and greatness.

This website is dedicated to the restoration & preservation of my 1875 Eastlake (Stick Style)Victorian home. This is not a "This Old House" kind of restoration like you see on TV.

I did almost all of the work myself, out of the sheer love of it.

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