Updating avid microchip

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a Home Again chip, AKC, etc.) in ONLY the 24Petwatch database, via their shelter software, when that chip is searched in AAHA, it will not give the finding organization ANY information that that chip is enrolled in the 24Petwatch database.AAHA has done a really wonderful thing by creating and maintaining the Microchip Lookup tool but until ALL of the microchip companies cooperate and participate, it won’t have the far-reaching effect it was designed to have.

you have obtained a pet which already has a microchip, you can search the National Database for an existing account.

Here is an example: Because microchip companies are always trying to build a better mousetrap, many of them have started their own free databases that you can enroll any pet’s microchip information into, even if it wasn’t purchased from them.

Some people will do this instead of paying the fee to enroll their pet’s chip into the manufacturer’s database. Some of these companies will probably fail and drift off into the sunset, along with your pet’s data.

It's really quite simple if you need to update the details for your dog's microchip or cat's microchip.

You can do it via one of the following methods: If you are registered with the UK PETtrac Database, simply login at our bespoke website and once verified and validated, you can update your details 24hrs a day.

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